Empty Spaces


UFO Recordz
Producer: Auxthentic
Number of discs: 1

Auxthentic – ‘Empty Spaces’ OUT NOW!


Auxthentic, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is the music producer/ DJ alias of Joshua Hendrikz.

Joshua has always had a love for music and a fascination for the process of creating it. Always listening to and watching top DJs and producers both internationally and locally led him to self – taught music production.

Looking to deliver a unique and refreshing sound in the house music scene, he gains inspiration from multiple dance music genres and attempts to implement them into his own productions.

The “Auxthentic” project was started in August 2018, a year after Joshua first started producing. With huge supports from multiple local and international artists, as well as that of the people who listen – he is extremely grateful for those who believe in his project and he hopes for it to keep on expanding as he improves himself and his sound.

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