All To You ft. Jason Rebel


UFO Recordz
Producer: Elster
Number of discs: 3

Musical and athletic with an adrenalin junky jingle; Elster not only has an eye for talent but carries many of his own as well. On weekdays you will find him at the Pioneer/El Records Headquarters working closely with new and established artists developing their sound and fine tuning their tracks. In his free time, if he’s not finding the hottest music or gigging at the trendiest events, it is very possible that you may find him on a street luge board, travelling downhill at speeds ranging from 60 – 120km/h. Label Manager, DJ and downhill skater, this kind of talent combination is an adventurous journey of deep beats and dynamic dance floors.

Well known for the Beatarmy, Elster has been involved with music from a young age. Passed down to him as if a family heirloom, DJing was in his blood. Elster’s dad was a DJ and he soon followed suit at the fresh age of 16 where he performed at weddings and small club gigs.

In 2011, Elster created the club rocking Beatarmy.

Beatarmy has released two albums to date. “I Love House Music” was the first to be released in 2011 with “Killer Classics” following in 2013. Over and above his mix compilations, He have also been featured on the main stages of H2O and various clubs nationwide.

His experience in the club scene has resulted in Elster developing a refined sound of sexy, deep House. This experience combined with the advantage of working with two of the biggest dance labels in Southern Africa, Soul Candi & F! Records, has resulted in a creative ability to satisfy his audience with the perfect combination of knowledge and fresh material. Using the content from these platforms not only creates a great foundation of local music in all his sets but also allows him to bring the best, new music to all the stages where he performs.

His fun, adventurous and dedicated way of life has enabled Elster to pursue his dreams; following his passions to build rewarding careers. This passion beams through and is easily identifiable either on stage performing for hundreds of House heads or on a board where he chases the wind

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