Javi Lozano

Javi Lozano
UFO Recordz
Producer: Javi Lozano
Number of discs: 2

Javier Lozano is a Mexican-American DJ and music producer who was born on November 25, 1999 in Chula Vista, California. Music came into his life when he began playing piano at the early age of 6. During his childhood, he was exposed to live performances. Attending a variety of concerts enabled him to gather knowledge about music. This contributed to his interest in the music business and artistic development as well. Javiprofessionally began to DJ at the age of 14. Exposure, contacts, and supporters came into his life when he began to perform at local events and concerts. Music production was introduced to him when a friend took him an electronic dance music production symposium in Tijuana, Mexico. Music production and sound design captivated Javi’sattention and his passion for electronic dance music was enhanced. Currently receiving international support from recognized artists, Javihas escalated quickly becoming himself known for his unique style. JaviLozano has produced music in a variety of sub-genres, primarily focusing on future house, future bounce, and progressive house. He has been able to transmit to his audience his youthful and modern sound by striving to create the unimagined and reimagine the existing elements of electronic dance music. With his perseverant attitude towards enriching music culture, Javi’scurrent focus is to express himself through his creations and ameliorate the beauty of music.

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