Inspiration EP

Inspiration EP feat Michelle Jacobs

Tanner Mason
Let's Rage Records
Producer: Tanner Mason
Number of discs: 3

The STK Group and Lets Rage Records Presents..
‘The Inspiration EP’ by Tanner Mason featuring Michelle Jacobs.
(Deep House)

Producer Name: Tanner Mason, Age: 21
I was born in the beautiful KZN, I moved to the Mother City three Years ago to pursue my Dream of becoming a Producer. I recently graduated and received my Diplomacy in Sound Engineering & Music Production at Cape Audio College. I have been producing for 6 years now and I know this is what I love to do, the way you can intertwine different frequencies to manipulate emotion in anything living. It is a true passion of mine and I will continue to follow it.

Artist Name: Michelle Jacobs, Age: 22
I started singing when I was six years old driving in an old car with my Oupa and its just always been my escape when life gets to hectic. Music is a part of my soul and it makes me who I am.

Tanner Mason & Michelle Jacobs:
We started working together not to long ago creating a few songs together before these three. These three are the first to be signed from our music and we could not be more happy to share them with you all. We wrote this EP based on our love for 1. Music , 2.Who we are , 3.Inspiration to stand through the dark times whilst following your dreams.

Tanner Mason
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Michelle Jacobs

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