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“Reality” (Original Mix). Composed, Recorded, Produced, and Engineered by Heart Rate (Kriss Walas). The song was created and engineered at The Continuum Music Studio.

“Reality” offers bits and pieces from Progressive EDM, Deep House, Future Bass, Trap, Rock, and Pop. The song features acoustic pianos, guitars, a soothing female vocals, and bass-heavy drop.

Heart Rate is a multi-genre producer and artist creating a unique style of music, which can be appreciated by lovers of multiple music genres.

“Reality” is being featured in the upcoming Jan 2018 Indaba Music Contest. The Contest is featuring over 45k in prizes to 12 winners for best remix, mix, and master from SSL, Plugin-Alliance, IK Multimedia, and more. For more information go here:

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The Labels Representing Heart Rate are Uninvented Records, UFO Recordz, and also the STK Group.

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