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Epidemic House Music are proud to introduce Rever Deep & Red Stripes. Two talented young producers and of course friends who have joined forces with the release of their first album together ‘Goodbye For Now’. The album includes 8 tracks but we are not going to give away too much just yet. Be sure to DOWNLOAD the exclusive single before this album reaches stores!
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We went ahead and interviewed these two talented producers and here is how it went down.
Where are you guys from?
REVER: “I was born in New York. After a few years, my family and I moved to South Florida. Here i really got to understand music. When i moved here i didn’t really have a lot of friends. During my time alone i would play around on my brothers guitar and looking back at it now, that is what got me into music.”
RED: “Originally from New York then moved to Florida in 2015…”
Describe your sound:
REVER: “My sound uses warm, strong synths that warp. Whether they are upbeat and happy or put you in the feels, they blend with the organic sounds I record in my studio. My favorite thing about future bass is that you can really make it your own. Its always about trying something new, and experimenting.”
RED: “When i produce music, I enjoy throwing in the acoustic guitar. When I’m in the studio i will record a few notes then mess around with them in logic. The feeling that acoustic instruments give me is something that i cant begin to explain. I express myself best through music and music is an emotional outlet. This is best shown and felt in my production.”
Tell us about your latest album:
REVER: “We really took our time to perfect ‘Goodbye For Now’. This has definitely been the longest project we have worked on to date. We went through a good amount of vocalists trying to find the right ones. This project shows the feelings we have been through. I hope our fans can relate to us in some way and that we can somehow ease whatever it is they are going through in the sounds that we bring.”
RED: “‘Goodbye for Now’’ Came into play in August this year. To be completely honest, the album wasn’t even planned. It just happened. Our main song on the album – Goodbye For Now – was sung by Troy Thomas, A very close friend of ours. When me and Rever Deep showed him the song he came up with the lyrics and we just had to get him in the booth. Its crazy how this album came to be. In this album you will hear what we went through generally in life. I cant explain enough that we want people to feel our music. This album definitely will make you feel what we are feeling.”
What or who inspires you?
REVER: “I get a lot of inspiration from what’s happening in the world. The events in the news get more painful each day. Whether it’s from the title of the song, to the music video, or a sample I put in the song, each one has a message in it for the something that’s happening to all of us.”
RED: “Definitely my father! I was born into the music business. My father Lou has been in the music industry since he was a kid. He owned his own company in Manhattan. He’s the reason I do what I do. In fact that’s what one of my songs “The Reason Why” is about. I used to go to events with him while he played guitar and ran the events. He was so good at what he did. Everyday i look back to when he suggested i should become a DJ. I was 11 years old. Unfortunately he wont be able to be around for this release as he passed away a year ago. And honestly to this day He’s the reason I keep pushing and pushing in the industry. All i can hear is him saying “Max don’t you ever give up, keep pushing and your dreams will come true.”
Where do you see your career in 5 years?
REVER: “I’ll be traveling, djing of course, and volunteering in the US and other countries. However far along on my career path I am, I feel its important for me to make time to help other people.”
RED: “5 years from now I see myself inspiring other people. When I make the big stage and hit the EDM scene, It will be inspiring my fans that drives me! Having a few record deals here and there don’t sound bad either, haha! But no matter what, I see myself making a name for “Red Stripes”
Where can we check out your more content by you?
REVER: “You can find my music on whichever platorm you prefer, but always check out my soundcloud/rever-deep. Thats where I pre-release and I am constantly updating to get in touch and stay tuned!”
RED: “Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook and my official website.”
Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know or something you would like to share with your fans.
REVER: “I realised in life that even the bad things happen to get you to where you need to be. Everything is a lesson, always keep learning.”
RED: I want my fans to know they can always reach out to me. I love to connect with fans. Just know I have huge originals coming and its going to be like nothing you’ve ever heard before!

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