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Viceland debuted their new show ‘What Would Diplo Do’ a few weeks ago. It chronicles the life of Diplo who is portrayed by James Vanderbeek. The show has tons of cameos from artists including Dillon Francis. While we were skeptical of the show to begin with, it turned out to be freaking hilarious. It is honestly one of the funniest things we have watched in awhile. James Vanderbeek nails Diplo to a tee, and the story lines will have you dying in laughter.

Now Viceland is a cable channel. So a subscription is required to access it’s shows. Normally that is the case anyway. Two days ago Major Lazer shared the full first episode of ‘What Would Diplo Do’ on their Facebook page. Normally we would embed that post below, but obviously they thought ahead and turned off that feature. So unfortunately you will not be able to view the episode from the comfort of EDM Sauce with our tranquil blue theme. But if you head over to Major Lazer’s Facebook page you can watch it from start to finish.

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